A Little Piece of Sweden, Our Much Needed Christmas Break.

Christmas is over and it’s a brand new year. I’m happy to leave 2015 behind and focus on 2016 because this year we want to make one of our best! We spent both Christmas and New Year in the South of Sweden with my side of the family. We did as little as possible and that was just what we needed.

Breakfast is my favourite meal, especially at weekends! We have lot's of fresh coffee, juice, toast and eggs. Berries to go on top of müsli and yoghurt. The kids stay at the table as long as they want and we can enjoy our coffee a little bit longer.

I love this shot of Lykke. Somebody stop time for a while...

Morning sun in the cabin...

...made for morning fun.

Breakfast is done, let's go outside!

Down to the beach we go, the kids run around on the beach collecting sea shells, play at the playground and drink hot chocolate. I love to watch the kite surfers braving the winter winds.

This is my favourite place in the whole world.

The kids enjoying a cup of hot chocolate at the playground down by the beach.

...and so do we.

Christmas Eve is the big day for us here in Sweden (and the rest of Scandinavia). It starts out pretty slow with everybody getting ready and the kids running around asking when Santa is coming. Lykke helped decorate the Christmas table. We drink Swedish glögg (mulled wine) and have a Christmas ham and mustard sandwich for lunch. We have dinner at around four or five-ish and then wait for Santa to make his entrance. The kids (well, Lykke in this case) put out a tray with gingerbread cookies and a Christmas beer for Santa to enjoy.

Table all set, let's dig in!

Finally, Santa is here!

Toy Story is big business in this house right now and I love all of the characters! Levi got Buzz Lightyear for Christmas.

The day after is usually pretty slow. The kids are playing with their new toys and watch films. We go for a long walk followed by an evening by the fire.

Just an hour of silence with the cousins, priceless.

Lykke and the Space Ranger from the planet Morph, Buzz Lightyear.

They adore their new cousin, Freya. The sweetest little baby ever is now on her way to South Africa. We are so jealous (but girl, watch out for the snakes and Baboons)!

Not exactly a white Christmas down here, but a good one.

We are back in Oslo now and miss Sweden so much. We miss the lifestyle down there, and the fact that everything is at a much slower pace. With work and the day-to-day routine it's a constant race, you can't stop and and question what you want from life and how you are going to get there. Don't get me wrong, both myself and hubby love to work and have a lot of projects on the side but I think we need to make a really big change in our life to get where we want to be, I think it's time. 2016 is our big year.