Amazing Space for Kids: A Rooftop Playground in Nordhavn, Copenhagen.

Konditaget Lüders is Nordhavns first playground/training space and located on the roof of a parking garage. Bring the kids on a sunny day for play and a work out, or just to enjoy the amazing view of the harbour.

You get a work out while climbing all the stairs (24 meters straight up) and you can even time yourself with a giant timer. The parking garage has 7 stories with 2.400 sqm. of pure play on the roof.

This amazing playground and training space is located on the roof of a parking garage in Nordhavn (north of Copenhagen). Anyone can use it at anytime and it's perfect to bring the kids on a hot summers day to cool off. The views are great and theres lots of space to play in.

To jump or not to jump, that's the question.

Mama likes it too...

The building´s Northern and Eastern sides are softened by climbing plants which will create a great contrast to the building´s red colouring.

Designed by Jaja Architects, with exterior decor by Rama Studio. The building is managed by By & Havn. Built with support from Lokale og Anlægs Fondenand in cooperation with DGI Storkøbenhavn. You will find it at Helsinkigade 30, in Nordhavn.