Amazing Space for Kids: Children’s Culture House in Copenhagen.

The Children’s Culture House in Copenhagen (Amager) offers not only a really great looking building, it’s like a Danish Villa Villekulla (you know, Pippi’s house) with all sorts of creative stuff happening inside. Sign up for daily workshops and events or just go for a visit and play to your hearts content!

The Children’s Culture House is an innovative project by architect Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter. It's developed with the imaginative and fun input of children. The whole process included both children (from the ages 8–14) and adults from different kind of professions; the staff of the cultural center, librarians, teachers, musicians, visual artists and actors. Adults who understand and the world of children and could interpret their activities. A series of workshops was held - both with children and adults. A few of the themes highlighted was “experiences and adventures with space”, “the ideal place to play”, “dream house”, etc. What a great way to start a project!

The house invites you to climb walls and to play and explore.

The style of the Children’s Culture House is surprising and imaginative, the building does not have a “start” or an “end” as ordinary houses do.

The architect is Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter and they have been rewarded the Buildings Award 2013 by the City of Copenhagen. Best Building of the year 2013, awarded by “Byggeri”. Best Education building in the world 2014 and the AIT award 2014.

Find The Children's Culture House at Amager Culture Point, Øresundsvej 8 B, It's open Monday to Saturday. Check out their schedule here.