Amazing space for kids: Fagerborg Daycare in central Oslo.

Norway based architect firm, Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, has designed an amazing daycare in central Oslo. It’s pretty breathtaking both for the kids and their parents. Have a peek!

If you consider children to be a resource for the future and tomorrows citizens then it is important that this group is provided with stimulating physical environments. Children are not in an position to speak out on their own behalf and are therefore often not prioritised in society. This result's in daycare facilities that are no more than containment buildings. This project wanted to go against this trend and create an important and highly valued building.

Fagerborg council appointed Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter to create a Daycare center for the Fagerborg area in central Oslo. This was to replace an existing daycare which was in poor repair and was no longer considered fit for purpose. The new Fagerborg Daycare center consists of four departments two of which are for the youngest children.

A green and sun filled area outside makes for good play.

The project is located in the middle of a park area which creates a somewhat secluded and garden like atmosphere. The facade has an organic quality in both form and finish that integrates it into the park whilst the brickwork creates a perimeter around the building. A successful dialogue between the building and the outside areas was important for the development of the site.

The principal layout is designed so that the four departments could function both separately or as a whole dependent on the daycare's needs. The heart of the building is a shared communal area and kitchen whilst a staff area and art/handywork area are located on the building’s top floor. The project had a tight budget which meant the client, architects and builders had to work closely to achieve a consistent and holistic result.

It looks pretty amazing during the dark winter months.

The Fagerborg daycare project was developed to provide both small and adult users an inspiring day to day experience. In addition the building enriches the local area with a valuble architectural statement.