Brand Love: “The Animals Observatory”, Spring Summer 2016.

“The Animals Observatory” is a new brand from Spain which presents it’s first collection this season. The designer behind it is ex-Bobo Choses Creative Director, Laia Aguilar. Together with an enthusiastic team they created “The Animals Observatory” (or T.A.O for short). I went to see them in Paris last summer in their showroom and I just adore this collection! I think kids and adults alike will be drawn to it’s sense of playfulness, comfortable style and over-all aesthetic. It’s based on the philosophy of an old motto that Laia often repeats to her children: “Be a good animal, true to your instincts”.

My two favourite outfits. Ever!

Oh, and these two!

Check out the whole collection at The Animals Observatory, or head over to one of our favourite web shops, Scandi Mini. The collection is almost sold out everywhere but Scandi Mini will launch the line later this week so keep an eye out. Run, don't walk.