Co-Founder of Vesle Does Copenhagen With the Whole Family.

We spent a few days in Copenhagen in the fall and wanted to share some memories with you. We booked the cutest little house through Airbnb and had such a great time, this Scandinavian city is our absolute favourite!.

The area was filled with these beautiful town houses, you just feel like moving in straight away!.

We rented this adorable house in the North of Frederiksberg in Copenhagen a few weeks back. Three bedrooms, our own back yard, a large terrace and plenty of really nice Danish design classics to feast our eyes on. The area of Frederiksberg is great for families, it has lot's of parks, and is close to the city center, spot on for us!.

The perks of renting something from another family is all the new toys and books the kids get to play with and discover.

One happy Minnie Mouse. Yes, we payed a visit to the Disney store down town...

A visit to Torvehallene is a must!. Enjoy the food market, all the flowers and the perfectly brewed coffee and fresh pastries. We were here several times and went home with a little bit of everything every time.

We spent a whole day at Tivoli (and no, that wasn't enough...) which was all decorated for Halloween. It is a Copenhagen classic, a traditional amusement park with great food and something for everyone.

Somebody got addicted to carousels...

Hello pumkin!.

We could have stayed for a week, just at the Tivoli!.

Oh so Danish...

We also couldn't leave before visiting the Botanical Gardens. It's so beautiful and the kids loved running around. It was a nice break from the city, even though it's located in the heart of Copenhagen. We strolled around the area and looked at different flowers and discovered hidden paths. We went inside the Palm House and played hide and seek, what more can you ask for?.

They chased squirrels, I chased them...

The Palm House is one of the highlights and you can't really miss it.

A few days are not enough in Copenhagen, but we got to stroll around the city, discover and play, drink coffee and soda (organic of course), argue and make up. Bye for now, lovely Copenhagen, we will be back soon for sure.

We stayed at this Airbnb home.