Healthy and Hearty Porridge by Vibeke Klemetsen.

Meet Vibeke Klemetsen. She is one of those Mothers that seem to do it all. Not only is she juggling three kids, she is also a TV-presenter, co-owner of a sports brand, a yoga instructor, oh, and she won the Norwegian version of Master Chef in 2013. Vibeke just released a book about healthy and hearty porridge. We did a small interview with Vibeke and also picked out a few favorites from her book Grøt.

What made you write a book about porridge? First of all, I have always loved and eaten a lot of porridge. I have also collected recipes for a long time and thought it was time for a book dedicated to only porridge.

What are your favourite toppings? There are endless of yummy toppings, but I really like fresh berries, goji berries and nuts, as well as various powder we make ourselves of dried fruits etc. (recipe in the book). Almond Milk is also a must on my porridge.

What are the kids favorites? It varies. Liam (5 yrs old) likes both oatmeal and rice porridge, Leona (3 yrs old) loves oatmeal. I usually try to sneak in some other ingredients to make it slightly more nutritious and exciting. Sophie, who is 16 yrs old, enjoys most of the porridge I make, and is now experimenting by herself with different kinds.

Barley porridge (4 portions)

In this recipe we use only barley. It's lighter in color than oats and has a slightly milder taste. It takes a little longer to make, since it's suppose to only simmer not boil, but it's so worth the wait. It get's a fantastic consistency and barley alone is healthy and nutritious and is a good source of proteins.

You will need: 2 dl barley 1 l of full fat milk ½ teaspoon of salt

This is how you do it: Let barley lie in cold water overnight. Strain the barley to remove the water. Bring the milk to a boil, add the flour and let the porridge draw for 45 minutes. Stir occasionally. add a little bit of salt. For added flavour the porridge can be cooked with a vanilla pod or a whole cinnamon stick.

Oatmeal is a great way to start of your day!. It gives your body everything it need in a balanced combination. One portion of oatmeal represents a significant proportion of the daily requirement for both protein and calcium.

Oatmeal (4 portions)

You will need: 4 dl oatmeal 8–9 dl water ½ teaspoon of salt

This is how you do it: Mix oatmeal and water. Bring to a boil and then let it simmer for 2–6 minutes. Stir occasionally. Season with salt. Enjoy it with cold milk and your favourite berries and nuts.

Keep up with Vibeke and her busy day-to-day life on her blog.