Oslo, St.Hanshaugen: Welcome to Jonathan’s World.

Linn, Ole Jakob and Jonathan (turns 2 this summer) show us around their Oslo apartment and tell us why the city is a great fit for their family right now.


Tell us a little bit about your family. Our family consists of our little boy, Jonathan, who turns two in June. Dad, Ole Jakob, who works as a visual designer at POL Advertising Agency. Mother, Linn is a senior design at WORK design agency. We live a busy life in a central neighborhood in Oslo called St.Hanshaugen. We love to be a family of three!

How would you describe your home? We like to think of our apartment as a warm and personal home. It contains a mix of inherited art, objects collected from journeys, design classics and a lot of books and magazines. It should be a place where people feel at home! Has your style changed after having kids? The one thing we had to do was to make the office into our bedroom to give Jonathan his own room. We also had to put on some safety hooks on the cabinets and move some things higher up. Jonathan is very curious, and is definitely a climber, but we like him to explore!. We already had a pretty playful style, Ole Jakob is a big Lego/StarWars-enthusiast and I love small collectable animals. So no, our style hasn't actually changed that much!

We love our art wall in the living room it really makes the whole room. It is a combination of art, posters, photos and graphics. Some of them are brought back home from journeys, some are made by family artists and some are just favorites. Our philosophy is that beautiful art fits together whatever style it may be. Jonathan loves the tipi which Ole Jakob made.

We are both big fans of magazines and books, it's a way to relax when you have a minute or two to ourselves.

You can see traces of Jonathan's things all around the apartment. We love this yellow storage box for bits and pieces (from Bolia).

The rocking chair is designed by the Norwegian Per Aaslid in the 1960s. It is a favourite , inherited from Ole Jakobs mother.

Tell us about Jonathan's room. This used to be our bedroom and when we re-did it for Jonathan and wanted it to be both cozy and practical. Our bathroom is too small to have a changing table so all that had to fit in here. The books by Thorbjørn Egner are from my (Linn) childhood, they are precious to me because the are signed by the author who was a friend of the family. This room is not that big, so for now Jonathan mainly uses it for sleeping and when we are changing diapers. Other than that, Jonathan has the freedom to play in all the rooms in the apartment and there is always a lot of toys everywhere.

Ole Jakob is a big Star Wars fan, so I guess Jonathan will be too...

Sneakers waiting for summer.

Jonathan also has a small art wall in his room. The letters are a poster by Morten Thyholt, the robot picture is made by the great Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag, the flowers are made by Linns grandmother and the poor fish is by illustrator Maria Trolle.

This little guy loves his wooden train set (from BRIO). After he goes to bed it's actually fun for mom and dad too.

Most precious thing in the house? The sofa! It's classic timeless design, but really comfortable. The whole family can hang out there, read books and play. What was your best deco buy for Jonathan? When he was a baby it was definitely a hanging mobile over the changing table, made by Clara von Zweigbergk (Themis Mobile for Artecnica). Jonathan has been fascinated by it from day one, and still is. Now when he is older we must mention our Stokke Trip Trapp chair. It is important for us to make, eat and enjoy food together. We use it every day and it looks good too.

Cinnamon buns is treat you can't say no to!

What room in the house get used the most and why? The kitchen. It’s in the centre of the apartment and a natural place to gather. We love to cook and therefore spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen. We try to include Jonathan as much as we can, he loves to taste everything!

Do you prefer the city or the countryside with kids? Right now, with only one kid, the city is perfect for us. We like the city pulse, the local shops, a wide range of grocery stores and cafes. Both of us work close to our home and the kindergarden is just a few minutes walk from our apartment. Oslo is such a child friendly city, it has lot's of parks, and cozy neighborhoods. Most kindergarden playgrounds are open to the public at the weekends so we usually take advantage of that. We feel very lucky to live close to everything! But as Jonathan grows older and we maybe want to have more kids we might move outside of the city center to be closer to nature.

How do you balance work and family? It´s difficult, and we still struggle to find the balance. Both of us work full time but we have flexible work hours, so one of us leaves early from work to pick up Jonathan from kindergarden and then get some work done after putting Jonathan to sleep. We keep a schedule on who picks up from kindergarden etc. It works out pretty well for everyone.

Any rules in the house? Relax and be generous!

Number one thing you miss the most pre-kids? Sleep? No. Just time. Time to do nothing.

Your tips for a happy family? – Have fun and don’t take things to seriously.