Kids and Sports: Ice Hockey with Snorre, 7,5 yrs old.

Do sports matter for young people? Yes, we like to think so! Research shows that, in addition to being a source of just plain fun and feeling that you are being a part of something, sports promote healthy development in many areas with positive effects that last into adulthood. So here is our first Kids and Sports on Vesle!

– Hi, I'm Snorre, 7,5 yrs old!

What is it about that particular sport that makes you love it? It's a very challenging sport and I learn to be quick on the ice and you need great co-ordination. I love the speed, it's very exciting and challenging. The team feeling is important and I make loads of new friends. I'm very competitive and love playing matches. I am so happy when we win! How often do you practice? – I practice twice a week and sometimes we play matches at the weekends.

– It´s very important to take good care of your precious skates.

Your best memory on the ice? – When I scored my first goal! I remember it was against a team called Frisk Asker, we were told they were very good. We lost that match. The next time we played against them we won and they got so mad! That's a pretty good memory!

– Yes, there has been a few bumps and bruises! There are always a lot of collisions and tackles. But no major things have happen to me.

– All of my best friends play Ice hockey too and we always have the best time.

– I love to go fast and to stop and turn. I also like to out skate my opponents.

Any tips or trix to other kids who might want to try Ice Hockey? – Start skating early, it's all about being good at skating. Have fun!

The cool pictures of Snorre was shot by Helena Krekling.