Make This: Fresh Sugar and Dairy Free Coconut Yoghurt.

If you want a healthy and yummy start of the day try this sugar and dairy free coconut yoghurt. This is kind of like a little project you can do during the weekend, it takes a while to make but it’s so worth it!. Once you are done you have a little something extra special to serve at the breakfast table.

While it takes some time to make it, homemade yoghurt requires very little special equipment. You need a few jars and capsules of probiotics. You can get the probiotics (active bacteria) in any health store in Scandinavia (Udo's Choice has some good ones).

The health benefits of freshly-made yoghurt: It's filled with countless numbers of beneficial bacteria that help digestion and kill harmful viruses. The key here is fresh yoghurt, as compared to commercial store-bought yogurt. Yoghurt that has been sitting on the shelves at the grocery store does not have the fresh, active bacteria that homemade yoghurt does.

This particular yoghurt recipe is for a thin and runny yoghurt which is easily drinkable (can be a good thing on busy mornings). But if you prefer thicker yoghurt you can place the coconut milk in the fridge over night and only use the thick coconut cream that sits on top and use the thinner milk and water for you smoothie.

You will need this: 2 x 400 ml (14 oz) Cans of Coconut Milk 4 Capsules of Probiotics

This is how you do it: Sterilize a glass jar by pouring boiling water into it. Put the lid on and give it a good shake. Heat the oven to 50°C (120°F). Then turn it off but leave the light on. Pour both cans of the Coconut milk into a large bowl, whisk lightly together. Sprinkle the powder inside the probiotic capsules over and stir together until combined. Pour coconut milk into the sterilized jars, put a tight lid on and place in the oven. Keep the light on in the oven and the jars in for 24 hours. Then place the jars in the fridge for additional 6 hours. Serve the yoghurt with your favourite berries and granola. You can keep the yogurt in the fridge for up to 10 days. Enjoy!

This recipe is made by the talented Katrin Bjørk over at Modern Wifestyle.