Meet the Darlings of Oslo’s Eastside.

The design duo from Darling Clementine show us around their favorite part of the city with kids. Come with us to Ekeberg Sculpturepark and have a peek at the “new” Oslo.

Tell us a little bit about your family. Ingrid (right): Our family consists of myself, Ingrid, and my partner Ernst, who both work as designers. We have a girl called Lotte who is 3 years old, and a new family member on the way who is due in the summer. We live in an apartment on Oslo's East side called Gamlebyen with our cat Herr Nilsson. Tonje (left): We are three in our family; Graham, myself, and our son Henry who was born the same year as Lotte and is also 3 years old. Graham is an artist and we live in an area in Oslo called Kampen, which also is on the East side. Myself and Ingrid established and work together at our design studio Darling Clementine.

A few cool items from their range of stationary and other products.

You guys started up the design studio, Darling Clementine together. Tell us a bit about your work. When we met in 2006 we mainly designed stationery which we sold to independent shops and boutiques around Europe. Slowly, as sales increased we could cut down on other jobs and concentrate on Darling Clementine. We started getting commissioned illustration work form various companies, and have since then split our work into two; DC product line and DC design studio. Our aim is to create high quality products that make you smile, happy and nostalgic, always with the same recognisable style which we have developed over the years. For the last three years we have had the pleasure of collaborating with Brunt Hus, our Norwegian agent and distributor. They oversee the daily handling of our product line, whilst we work mainly on freelance work. We are currently signed as illustrators under byHands in Norway and Agent Molly in Sweden, who both keep us very busy. 

From the duo's pop-up shop last December.

Henry and Lotte, 3 years old. Pretty excited about their day!

Things you like about your area? Gamle Oslo/Tøyen is great because it is really relaxed and unpretentious. It has for a long time been one of the cheaper areas to buy in Oslo, even though it is so close to city centre. But now more people are becoming aware of the potential of this area, and more young people and families are moving here. There are some great places for kids like the Botanical Gardens with the History and Zological Museum, Tøyen Badet (public pool) where you can swim. Kampen Økologisk Bondgård for visiting lots of farm animals, and the new and noteworthy Ekeberg parken which we visited with you guys. 

A peek at the “new” Oslo (Bjørvika), where a new building appears every time we walk by. Soon Oslo´s version of NYC's the Highline will open here, and in a few years a brand new library and Munch (the famous Norwegian artist) museum. So lot's to look forward to!

How would you describe Oslo? Oslo is a city close to our hearts. It's small for a capital, and quite new compared to the likes of Stockholm or Copenhagen, but it is a city that is growing fast! We love it when new, fun places open, which they do quite often here. We also really appreciate that we have so much nature all around the city. For instance, in the summer you can visit the islands that are just a ferry trip away, or you can take a woodland walk or ski trip in the vast forest that surrounds Oslo. 

Henry, Lotte and Ingrid at Stockfleths (known for their great coffee) in Gamle Byen, which opened a couple of years ago to big cheers from us! It is actually located opposite our old studio, where we sat dreaming of a proper coffee place nearby, only for it to open right after we left. So now we visit as often as we can.

Tonje and Henry.

The kids love the Ekeberg Skulpture park. They have a great playground that is built in between the trees.

Do you prefer the city or the countryside with the kids? We love living in the city but we do need some countryside now and then, so a bit of both.

Pros and cons bringing up kids in the city in your opinion? Pros is how convenient everything is, we can walk to work from home and the daycare is just opposite our house. We have most of our friends nearby and if you need to pop into town it only takes fifteen minutes. Neither of us have gardens so cons are that you can´t just let your kid run around freely outside, and you need to make up small excursions every weekend. 

We took a little adventure into the woods exploring the sculptures and hidden passageways that are situated there, all to Lotte and Henry's amusement!

We really like the newly renovated cafe here at Ekeberg, they serve really delicious food. They also do a kids dish with fresh bread with jam and chocolate spread, yum!

What are your favorite food that everybody loves? Ingrid: A big favourite with Lotte is pancakes, so we have this every week for dinner, but always with a healthy soup first which she reluctantly eats.  Tonje: Everbody loves homemade soup at our house; at the moment parsnip & cauliflower is a favorite! As for meals; Henry and myself love breakfast and he helps making smoothies, porridge and yoghurt+müsli.

What's a typical weekday like for you? Both Lotte and Henry go to daycare during the day, so mornings are quite hectic getting everyone ready! They get home around 4–5pm and after a long day of playing they are usually quite exhausted and it is all about getting the dinner on the table and trying to wind down. Usually they get to watch Barne-TV (kids tv) for a while and then it´s bedtime for the little ones around 7.

How and where do you shop? We both love travelling, especially to London, and do most of our shopping on these little get aways. Our favorite shops are & Other Stories, APC, Ganni, COS and Tiger. For the kids we inherit or borrow clothes for the most part as they grow out of them so fast, but sometimes we do splash out on some items we can't resist...favorite brands are Mini Rodini and Bobo Choses.

If you could live in another city for one year, with kids, which one would it be? Ingrid: Copenhagen....not very adventurous, but it is just so stress is close to Norway, we can speak the language and it is a really kid friendly city with some great places and a really relaxed atmosphere. Tonje: If we could afford it I would have to say London; the city in my heart! We used to live there when we were young and I still miss it.

We really like this place for an outing with the kids because it's super easy to get to, the food is great and the views of Oslo are amazing!

For more info about Darling Clementine's work, click here.

These photos were taken by Helena Krekling.