Misha + Puff Spring/Summer Collection: Knitwear to the People!

We adore knit wear brand, Misha + Puff, and their spring/summer collection makes me want summer even more! Each piece is designed in the US and thoughtfully handmade in Peru where the knitters are given opportunities to support their families through working from home or at a knitting center that provides meals and childcare. I asked founder, Anna Wallack, a few questions about the collection and what the future holds for Misha + Puff. Enjoy!

Founder and designer, Anna, with her daughter, Isadora.

Tell us a little bit about you and your family. My husband and I (who run the company together) have been married for 10 years this summer, and we have two children. My son, Nadav is 5 and daughter, Isadora is 2. I founded the company in 2012, and my husband came on to work with me in 2014 as we started to really grow. I love being a family business. Our studio is about a mile from our house, and work/life/play just turns into one big jumble. I love having my kids around my work. I think it’s really important for them to see me making something and running our company.

The inspiration for this collection comes from childhood summer nostalgia of days spent on the beaches of New England.

How did Misha + Puff come about? I started this company during the year I took off when I had my son. He was about 9 months when I really thought, yes, this is what I do next. I had been working as a wardrobe stylist for about 10 years, and really was ready for something new. I had been very inspired by knitting him little baby things and learning about the wonderful properties of wool for babies. It is very cold in the winter where we live, and he was always in many wool sweaters and leggings and tights and socks. He was adorable! I really strive to create styles that are practical, but also fashionable. There are so many items that fall short of either one of those. Our brand is very thoughtful about construction and fit and materials, and then about our place in the baby/kids design world as well.

What is your favourite piece in the collection? Currently I really love the Peplum Pullover (above). I have a little girl and this piece is so versatile. She wears it now over dresses and tights, but it looks so cute with just bloomers and sandals.  It’s a new silhouette for us and I really like playing with volume and three-dimensionality in the knits. The ruffle is really sculptural. I also love our beach jacket. It is really easy to wear and perfect for New England summers.

Each piece is hand-knited from 100% Peruvian cotton, dyed with all natural plant dyes and uniquely enhanced with traditional Peruvian knitting techniques.

Where do you get your inspiration? Everywhere. I am always looking. Vintage styles, museums, my children, nature. There is always something to see - colors, pattern, etc.  when I am actively looking and aware, I am never disappointed by what I see.  Many times I will carve out time to just wander and daydream. This helps a lot with facilitating that kind of discovery.

The new snugglesack and blanket have been added to the collection keep your newborn warm and cozy on the windy beach days.

How do you think knitting has changed over the years? I think knitting is in a really interesting place that mirrors the way we as a people move about and interact with the world. I am influenced by all sorts of traditional knitting from Scandinavian and Native American to South American. I am bringing new ideas to Peru for my knitters, and then being taught so many things from them. I like that in one garment there can be many influences and techniques that become harmonious. It feels very modern.

How should you wear your knit? Everyday. We think these are versatile pieces that should be worn a lot.

What are the plans for the future with Misha + Puff? We love where we are and how we are growing. I feel so thankful to be able to do exactly what I want, and honoured by the support of our customers.   We will keep growing, of course. I like to think of this hand work and building communities as at the center of what we do, and we will be in Peru next month just exploring and working with our knitters and looking for new ideas, and craft.  

See the whole collection here.