Norway Ranks as World’s Best Place to be a Mother!

Vesle’s home country of Norway recently rose to the top of the list as the world’s best place to be a mother, followed by Finland, Island, Denmark and Sweden. This list is compiled every year by “Save the Children”. We feel fortunate to live up here and this report serves as a timely reminder to not take our lifestyle for granted. Our day to day problems seem trivial when you know that Mothers in other countries are experiencing war or extreme poverty and are struggling just to keep their little ones safe.

The star of the survey, Norway, took the lead due to its low maternal and child death rates, impressive health care and system of maternal leave. Norwegian mothers recieve an entire year of paid leave, one of the most generous schemes worldwide. One in every 175 Norwegian children die before the age of five. In Afghanistan, where only 14% of births are attended by a health worker, an average of one in every five children under the age of five is lost. One in every eleven women there die in childbirth, which represents the highest rate of maternal mortality in the world.

Among the top ten, Australia is the only non-European country, at number nine. France and Britain take the 23rd and 24th spot below Canada at number 20. The ten worst places are unfortunately all sub-Saharan African countries, with Haiti tied with Sierra Leone for the 169th spot.

The survey rates 179 countries based on five criteria related to maternal health, education, income levels and the status of women.

Best countries for mothers: 1. Norway 2. Finland 3. Iceland 4. Denmark 5. Sweden

Worst countries for mothers: 1. Somalia 2. Democratic Republic of the Congo 3. The Central African Republic 4. Mali 5. Niger

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