Our Big Move: Wonderfull Copenhagen here we come!

Ok, we are going for it, not just talking about it or dreaming about it. We are moving, in July we are packing up our things in Oslo and leaving for Copenhagen, it feels amazing and very scary.

We have had two birthdays in a short space of time here. Our daughter Lykke turned 6 years old and that means she will start school this Fall. Our boy Levi turned 3 years old, so he is not a baby any more. He goes to the same daycare as big sister and both of them love it. They know everybody and it's only a short walk (or scoot) from our apartment. Everything is really safe, familiar and comfortable.

My husband Lee is co-founder of his own agency and a Creative Director. I have been working as an Art Director at the same agency for years (and years) but have had several project on the side. We have both been working full time and it's a lot with small children and no family nearby. I'm not complaining, most of us do it. But right now, while the kids still are young we want to slow down for a bit.

We both feel that we want to move closer to Sweden, closer to Grandparents and closer to our summer house in the South of Sweden. We kind of want to stop time for a bit, not be so tired all the time, have more patience and energy in everything we do. Get inspired!

We both love Copenhagen for so many reasons. It seem to fit what we need right now. It's not that far from Oslo and the languages are quite similar, but it still feels really different. It just seems like it's now or never and with Lykke starting school and Levi still having 3 years at daycare it was only going to be harder the longer we waited. So this is it, we will give it a go for a year.

Doing something like this forces you to make decisions that are hard. It forces you to stop and think about your life and how you want to live it and what kind of life you want for your little ones. Quitting a good job is not something you do everyday, and especially if you don't have a new one. I have been at the same place for almost 9 years. It's going to be so hard to leave. But after all this time it might have been time to do something new anyway. Taking Lykke from all her friends is not something I'm looking forward to. But we are trying to focus on what we will gain. New friendships, more time, inspiration and a whole new city to discover as a family!

Lee will be home with the kids and work freelance for his company and I'm currently looking for a job. It will take a lot of following-up with the kids with a new school and daycare but with at least one of us home it will make the transition so much easier. We just signed a contract for a rental and we have found a good school for Lykke. The big pieces are falling in to place.

We are now committed and there is no turning back, Copenhagen here we come, wish us luck (and stay tuned)!!