Sentralen: A Cultural Center for Kids and Families in the Heart of Oslo.

There is a brand new culture center in Oslo and it’s packed with great activities for kids and families! Every week you can choose from a wide variety of exciting cultural events. It opened two weeks ago and we had a blast visiting!


Every week, you can expect to find around 10 different events at Sentralen Ung. A host of exciting organisers and artists will be putting on workshops, concerts, performances and much more.

Right in the heart of Oslo (Øvre Slottsgate 3) is the building that used to be home to the oldest savings bank in Norway, and has now been converted into a unique building with six fantastic venues for cultural experiences. Sentralen is also the workplace for over 350 creative people producing a range of cultural expressions and working to find new solutions to social challenges. And in charge of the food and drink in the restaurant and ground floor café is some of the most exciting chefs in Norway.

So many cool activities all over the house!

Music everywhere!

Check out Sentralen for more information on upcoming events and a complete programme schedule.