Shop Love: Smallable Opens it First Shop in the Heart of Paris.

Smallable have been the go-to French online shop for everything kids for years. They just opened a beautiful shop in Saint-German-de-Pres, filled with a unique selection of clothes, deco and toys. This is not just another shop, it’s a universe for the whole family to discover!. A must visit when in Paris.

Smallable have over 450 brands from all over the world, the shop will include the best selection of clothes, toys and deco for baby, child and teens. The shop is created by Cécile Roederer (founder and president of Smallable) and is located in a single-storey loft with a kind of "Eiffel"-inspired structure with a glass roof and loads of space for inspiration. The cool thing is that while you are in the shop you can use an iPad to access the entire Smallable catalogue, and order straight from a sales person and have the item delivered to you for free. Just to make your shopping experience even better.

You will find the Smallable shop in the area of Saint-German-de-Pres, 81 Rue du Cherche. You could also visit their online universe here.