Stockholm Playground: All fun and games.

There is a lot of activity in the large playground at Kristinebergs Royal park in Stockholm. It’s not every day you get the chance to play with a 5,5 m high owl, several giant mushrooms, beetles, ants and go visit a flowerland… Go crazy kids!


Slide down from the King and Queen Owl.

The giant mushrooms placed near the owls are great for climbing and playing. Some are connected to each other, the largest has a slide and there is even a mushroom roundabout.

Enough things to climb and play on at this amazing playground.

There are beetles in all sizes and colours, some the kids can climb inside and one even has wheelchair access.

The 5,5 m high owls are king and queen with a variety of slides and tunnels. The owls whose eyes light up at night contain steps and ladders in different levels. The queen also contains a set of chimes which can be pressure activated or by a button.

There are even ants to play on which all lead to the big ant hill where they live. The inside of the ant hill is a labyrinth of different paths where it is also possible to use a wheelchair. Finally in flowerland its possible just to hang out and relax in hammocks and nests protected from the sun and rain. There is also an area for the small children with flowerboxes and acorns.The Flowerboxes are sandpits surrounded by a large deck where the children can sit and make sandcastles. A large acorn is a playhouse and small climbing apparatus for the little ones to climb in.

This unique playground was designed and produced by Danish Monstrum. So when in Stockholm!