The Long Swedish Summer on the South Coast.

Fall is here, with everything that goes with it. You want to hold on to the summer that was, maybe that’s why this post is a bit late… We (co-founder of Vesle, Helena, Dad Lee, Lykke and Levi) stayed for four weeks at our summer house in the South of Sweden. We did as little as possible, just spent time with family.

Hello Sweden!

We really miss our long, lazy summer breakfasts with greens, berries and eggs from our local farm shop, and lot's of fresh coffee!.

Off to the beach we go (as long as the Scandinavian weather allows it).

She is always up to something...

Oh, how they love Grandma.

Run for it!.

This particular beach is a big thing for me and now, us. I grew up a few kilometers from here and we spent every single sunny summers day here with the whole family when I was a kid. My Mom used to pack the best lunches for us which we would eat on the beach, we would play and stay in the water until we turned blue...

He loves to be around her and she teaches him everything she knows (which isn't always a good thing...).

This colourfull clown only means one thing: ICE CREAM!.

Summer house essentials....

...can be so fun to play with!.

Still life in our Poppy meadow.

We have three beautiful horses who graze just down the road from the house. We used to hear them at breakfast and loved to go down to visit them!.

We are lucky enough to live close to a farm shop that has a great selection of greens and berries, we made crumble and had berries for breakfast almost every morning.

They both got chickenpox this summer. Lykke was first up just before we left (so scared she wouldn't be allowed to fly) but she got a few spots and a little bit of fever. Poor Levi got it everywhere and was pretty sick but we are so glad we are done with it!.

She loves to draw, just as much I did when I was her age.

We had a few rainy days this summer. On those days we cuddled up inside by the fire or made a berry crumble (we seriously made one every day) and had family visiting as often as possible. The house is a great place to gather the family and just chill out.

No puddle ever escapes Levi...

After a bath and after the rain in her new stripy robe.

Lykke is the most curious person I know. She is always looking for the next interesting bug or flower and is full of questions. She will turn six next year, oh how I love this age.

Four small feet peeking out.... Plans are being made on how to take over the world...or run rings around Mom and Dad.

On our way home again in the little wooden beach wagon.

We (Scandinavians) are so lucky to have so much time off during the summer, some of the luckiest people in the world actually. To get a break from work, school and daycare means the world. Just to be together, maybe travel, experience something new and to try to switch off just focusing on what's in front of you. We can't wait to go back for Christmas.

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