Make Your Own Swedish Midsummer Garlands.

Our favourite Swedish tradition is without a doubt Midsummer. We celebrate the high-point of summer and do it together with family and friends, lot’s of food and drink throughout the day, dancing around the Maypole and picking wild flowers. It’s tradition to make your own flower garlands and we want to show you how easy it is to make them, oh, and the kids will love it!

Go out and pick your favourite wild flowers along with a few twigs. I like the garland to look natural and a bit messy and love to mix all kinds of colours and flowers. We used metal wire as a frame but you can also use twigs. Start out by making tiny bouquets that you later wrap around the metal wire.

Make the tiny bouquets out of 3–4 flowers. Use a small piece of wire to hold them together.

Use the wire frame as a base and attach the small bunches of flowers with a new piece of wire.

You can also use ribbon to tie the garland together. Create a tiara form for the front of the garland, make a loop at each end and attach two pieces of ribbon. The ribbon can be used to make a prefect fit for the garland and is a pretty addition.

Don't throw away the leftovers, use them to decorate your Midsummer table.

Have a wonderful Midsummer, June 24th!