Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Long Swedish Summer on the South Coast.

Fall is here, with everything that goes with it. You want to hold on to the summer that was, maybe that’s why this post is a bit late… We (co-founder of Vesle, Helena, Dad Lee, Lykke and Levi) stayed for four weeks at our summer house in the South of Sweden. We did as little as possible,… Read more »

Stick ’em up: Wallpaper from Spanish brand Bobo Choses.

The new Bobo Choses wallpaper collection features prints from their fall-winter collection, The Unknown Mountain Journey. You will recognize the cool moon, birds, woods and leaf-prints. What’s so great about this wallpaper is that you can apply it directly to the wall without the need for any glue. They are very easy to apply and can be removed and put back… Read more »

British Brand Caramel Baby & Child Home Collection.

We adore Caramel Baby & Child’s Home collection, the textures and colours are amazing and so perfect for fall. Our favourites are the quilts in pure silk and the knitted angora and wool blankets in different colours. Caramel’s signature “Forget Me Not” print has been recoloured on hand-tied bumpers and snug sleeping bags. If only we… Read more »

Take a Peek at the Traditional Swedish Crayfish Party.

The annual crayfish party (or kräftskiva in Swedish) is a tradition the Swedish part of Vesle never wants to miss out on!. You can celebrate it throughout August and it’s usually spent with the whole family and friends. You eat as much crayfish as you can, together with bread, strong cheese and Västerbotten pie. Don’t forget the cold beer… Read more »