A Family Day Out in Oslo: The Opera House

It was sunny and warm (-ish) and we just wanted to leave the apartment for a while and breathe in some fresh Spring air. We rounded up the family and met up with friends down town at the Oslo Opera House.

The best way to get around town, by scooter of course!. The Opera House is great since you have loads of space to both run around and scoot around on.

Two happy campers... Stella and Lykke, both about to turn five years old.

Walk up all the way up on to the roof and get an amazing view. You have panoramic views of both Bjørvika and the Oslo fjord.

You can almost get lost amongst all the big building blocks...

Lots to see and explore, from every angle....

... and not just for the kids, Mom get's her design fix too.

Let me tell you a secret...

The Opera House is designed by Norwegian architects, Snøhetta. It's like an iceberg rising from the fjord, a really unique building.

A break from exploring, we chose the more "relaxed" part of the ground floor restaurant to have lunch. Great coffee, smoothies, salads to-go and yummy cookies. There is also a really nice restaurant for fine dining, but if you bring the kids it's more convenient to sit in the foyer.

We brought a few life-savers: plasticine, crayons and paper, Pippi Långstocking dolls etc. and believe me, they came in handy.

...and surprise, we made a mess.

This whole place seems to be made of marble.

and the kids used most of it as a slide... The inside of the opera is just as pretty as the outside.

The Oslo Opera House has something for everyone. Come for a romantic date without the kids or bring the whole family for a tour of the building (they do family tours for kids from 4–10 yrs old), a concert or a play. Make sure you head down this Easter week for free concerts, Easter quizes and fun activities for the little ones.