A Relaxing Swedish Easter Break With the Family.

Easter is over, we are back at work and the kids are back at daycare. We spent the Easter week in our vacation home near my home town on the South coast of Sweden. We all love this place, total relaxation and we get to spend some quality time together as a family with Grandma and Grandpa. This year we celebrated not only Easter but one BIG birthday as well!.

Long lazy breakfasts with lot's of coffee...

Lykkes Anna-from-Frozen egg. No, don't ask...

Big balloons for the Birthday girl, five years old is a big deal. Our little boy turns two in just a few weeks as well, where did all the time go?.

A classic weekend breakfast table delight.

She teaches little brother all kinds of tricks and he loves it.

Somebody knows how to ride a bike, when did that happen?.

My favourite view ever.

When we are down South we love to take long walks down to the beach or the small nearby harbour. There is a playground literally right on the beach that's very popular with the kids, we always make a pit stop.

Happy face!.

Vintage cars, one for Lykke and one for Levi.

This girl loves to help out in the kitchen, especially with baking. Here, a birthday cake is in the making.

The last thing before we whip it into the oven (...and the kids can lick the bowl).

Lot's of berries on top and great fun freestyling the decor on the cake.


No problem cleaning up when you get your own Mickey Mouse table cloth.

Family time together, priceless.

Reading with Grandpa.

Our birthday lunch including big shrimp sandwiches and traditional Swedish Easter soda (påskmust).

For dinner we usually have salmon with new potatoes, herring, eggs and crisp bread. Not forgetting the cold beers and chilled Aquavit.....yum!.

Happy birthday from Grandpa-Björn!.

The Easter egg hunt has begun...

Look what the Easter Bunny left us!.

We caught all the chocolate bunnies!.

The Easter Bunny went a little crazy with the chocolate this year.

Levi got the Brio Dachsund for Christmas and a racing car for his second birthday. They both love them and use them for racing around inside. Thank god for concrete floors.

Bye bye for now!.

A Little Piece of Sweden.