Amazing Space for Kids: Råå Daycare Center in Helsingborg.

Danish architect firm, Dorte Mandrup Arkitekt, has designed this amazing daycare in Helsingborg in the South of Sweden. The project started in 2008 (completed in 2013), in close dialogue with the future users. Now the lucky kids of Råå Daycare Center can play, learn and have fun while looking out on fantastic sea views.

Råå daycare is situated on the scenic beach between the old Råå School and the Sea/Øresund's area.

The entire building is inspired by the surrounding landscape and the sea. Facing the Sea, the natural flora of the beach has been replanted.

Large windows in the facade and roof create a close contact with the sea and the surrounding landscape, and provides ideal daylight conditions all year round.

Råå daycare holds four groups of children, divided from one year olds up to five year olds. Each group has it's own spacious room and in the centre you can find the large common room.

The Kids at Råå daycare has everything a child can wish for; space, light and great natural surroundings, we are so jealous!.