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Vesle Movie Night: “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi”.

The most amazing animated Japanese movie just got dubbed into Norwegian for the little ones!. “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi”, in Japanese, or in Norwegian, “Chihiro og Heksene”. We are so impressed with this movie and are over the moon about it finally making it all the way to Norway!. It was released this May, so if you haven’t… Read more »

Green smoothie: Spinach, avocado and pineapple.

We know, there are lot’s of green smoothie recipes out there but we wanted to share something that was both tasty and healthy. It should be quick and easy to make and we want our kids to love it!. We found this one with spinach, avocado and some pineapple for sweetness. Try it, you and your kids will love it!.

Miniøya: Music and Culture Festival in Oslo.

Miniøya is an annual music and culture festival for the whole family held at Tøyenparken in Oslo. They offer a wide range of musical and cultural experiences for the kids, and all within a safe and inclusive environment. The festival is focused on families having a good time and experiencing things together. Mark your calendar for May 30th and May… Read more »

Have a Peek at Oeuf ‘s First Summer Collection!

New York based brand, Oeuf, has included som lighter additions to their signature Alpaca wool collection. Their first ever spring/summer collection has so many great styles!. Oeuf is an established kid’s knitwear and nursery furniture brand, we have been big fans for a while and this new collection feels very fresh. Have a peek!.

Healthy and Hearty Porridge by Vibeke Klemetsen.

Meet Vibeke Klemetsen. She is one of those Mothers that seem to do it all. Not only is she juggling three kids, she is also a TV-presenter, co-owner of a sports brand, a yoga instructor, oh, and she won the Norwegian version of Master Chef in 2013. Vibeke just released a book about healthy and hearty porridge. We did a small… Read more »

Weekend pancakes with lemon, blueberry and syrup.

Who doesn’t love those extra long weekend breakfasts (which quickly turn in to brunch) where you have time to make something yummy for both yourself and the kids. These weekend pancakes with lemon and fresh blueberries will make your day, no actually, your whole weekend!