Brand Love: Bobo Choses “Dear World” Fall/Winter 2017 Collection.

Let’s pause summer for a while and focus on something really great from the coming fall/winter collections. Spanish Bobo Choses are presenting a fall/winter collection inspired by the ocean and all the beautiful things that come with it. It also makes you think and question what you can do to preserve the marine environment. This whole collection and the message is pretty great, not to mention relevant. Or as Bobo Choses put it, “Love your world. Take care of your seas. Have fun!”

«Dear world, I hope you are having a very nice time. I have been a part of you and I appreciate you a lot. You contain so many beautiful and lovely things for us: the tall trees, the mountains with its sweet smelling flowers and the blue skies with all the birds on it. But the seas are what I like the most of you...»

The prints are inspired by the sea, crabs, birds, crisp waves, sailboats, octopuses, corals and jellyfish...

The shapes are inspired by fishermen’s clothing and developed to match the fabrics. Recycled polyester and organic cotton help make the collection more sustainable.

For the full collection visit a href= target=“_blank”>Bobo Choses or retailers across the world.

Art direction and styling by Adriana Esperalba and Mafer Navas. Campaign photos by Raquel Chicheri. The models are Evaluna, Lola, Lucas, Momo, Noahn, Ririko, Teo, Savina, Ona, Alex, Adam, Ot, Bianca, Mia, Rita and Pol.