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Try an Icelandic Skyr Cake for Swedish Midsummer.

We all love the traditional strawberry cake on Midsummer’s Eve but If you want to try something a bit different then go for this yummy Icelandic Skyr (an Icelandic cultured dairy product, similar to strained yogurt) Cake. It’s sweet, crunchy, light and just the perfect ending to a Midsummer’s Eve lunch. It’s so easy to make (no baking) and… Read more »

Make Our Favourite Summer Drink, Elderflower Cordial.

The smell of homemade elderflower cordial brings back so many good memories. This is something we made with our Moms and now are doing with our kids. Make sure you catch the flowers before they are gone, they are at their best in May/June and July. This recipe is surprisingly simple and fun to make together with the kids.

Make This: The Swedish Classic Semla Made by Grandma and the Kids.

We invited Grandma over and made delicious Semlor, a Swedish classic. In Sweden we fill the buns with marzipan and whipped cream but in Norway and Denmark they make them with vanilla cream and jam. Traditionally Semlor should usually be enjoyed in February but in Sweden you can get them from January onwards. Homemade is best and of course Grandma… Read more »

Yummy Gluten Free Buckwheat Waffles anyone?

We have a soft spot for warm filling desserts over here at Vesle and we love these buckwheat waffles. They are just as good on a cold Thursday evening as they are on a lazy Sunday morning. Remember to save the leftovers (if there are any) for the kid’s snack-pack for Daycare.

Make Them: The Traditional Swedish Cinnamon Buns.

The Cinnamon bun-day (kanelbullensdag) is here and we spent the afternoon yesterday making a good batch for today. It’s my all time favourite Swedish pastry and it always makes me a bit homesick as we used to bake this a lot when I was a kid. This time I have two great little helpers of my… Read more »

Green smoothie: Spinach, avocado and pineapple.

We know, there are lot’s of green smoothie recipes out there but we wanted to share something that was both tasty and healthy. It should be quick and easy to make and we want our kids to love it!. We found this one with spinach, avocado and some pineapple for sweetness. Try it, you and your kids will love it!.

Healthy and Hearty Porridge by Vibeke Klemetsen.

Meet Vibeke Klemetsen. She is one of those Mothers that seem to do it all. Not only is she juggling three kids, she is also a TV-presenter, co-owner of a sports brand, a yoga instructor, oh, and she won the Norwegian version of Master Chef in 2013. Vibeke just released a book about healthy and hearty porridge. We did a small… Read more »

Culinary Center for Kids: Viking Tacos at Geitmyra

Geitmyra Culinary Center for Children is a pretty amazing place in Oslo. They want to help our kids to discover the joys of cooking and eating good, wholesome organic food. They do classes for kids and families that want to learn to garden, cook or bake. Vesle was there when Vetle (9 yrs old) and Vilma (8 yrs old) made tacos the Norwegian way.

Weekend pancakes with lemon, blueberry and syrup.

Who doesn’t love those extra long weekend breakfasts (which quickly turn in to brunch) where you have time to make something yummy for both yourself and the kids. These weekend pancakes with lemon and fresh blueberries will make your day, no actually, your whole weekend!