Creepy Crawlies, Are They Bugging You?

Do you run and scream whenever you see creepy crawlies, we know, you can’t help it!. The problem is if you get hysterical then your little one probably will too!. It’s time we face our fear of bugs together and it can actually be quite fun…

Go on a bug-hunt in your own garden!. Make sure you start out with the least frightening, like butterflies and ladybugs, which really are beautiful and harmless. Try to find a ladybug and take turns holding it!. Make it special by telling them that you are supposed to make a wish when it flys away!.

Don't overreact when you meet something that has more then six legs, or a flying-something that might sting. Tell them that certain insects can actually sting, and maybe tell them when that happened to you?.

Don't forget to acknowledge both your own and your child's anxiety. Talk about what scares them and reassure them that you understand why they might be scared.

You should also try and do different crafts together. Maybe drawing pictures of insects in different situations will help you. Another great source can be the library, go together and check out some books on bugs. Identify the different species, memorise their names and how they look, also talk about how they live and what they eat. The more you understand about insects and their habits, the less fearful both of you are likely to be. About spiders, this might be rougher on you to get used to, but try to stay calm in front of your little one.

So maybe this is the summer you should get that bug magnifier box or perhaps a microscope (get it at any good toy store) for you and your little one. Go out and hunt for dragonflies, crickets, ladybugs and spiders. Oh, and a butterfly net to catch pretty butterflies!. This is on top of our list of activities this summer…for my kids and myself.