Darling Deco By Norwegian Duo Darling Clementine.

Darling Clementine just released a brand new kid’s collection called Pantomime. We adore it and pretty much want every single item! Get your hands on baby blankets, cushions, cute wash bags and mini-canvas bags. Enjoy!.

Tell us a little bit about Darling Clementine. Darling Clementine consists of designers/illustrators Ingrid Reithaug & Tonje Holand. Since launching an independent stationery line in 2006, the line has developed into a worldwide brand with an extensive assortment, selling everywhere from Tokyo to Helsinki. DC has a recognizable look that defines the brand. This style was the platform when establishing a design studio with the same name, undertaking a wide range of various commissions.  These days, the business is divided in two sections; DC Creative & DC Decorative. DC Creative takes on all sorts of design & illustration commissions, alongside DC Decorative who aims to develop and take care of the brand, constantly designing and launching new products.

Tell us about this new collection and what we can find! The new collection is called Pantomime. When designing this series, our goal was to create a very simple and strong series for kids. We were inspired by our all-time favourite era in the Graphic Design history; the Bauhaus period. We have been through phases with our brand, and have had different trends we have totally fallen in love with, but we have always come back to and adored this classic style. We wanted to create something that was constructed by simple shapes only; circles, squares and triangles. Adding a strong a vibrant colour palette, this series aims to be instantly liable to kids- with a classic staring point and a contemporary twist.

Cushions with design on front and pattern on the back.

Where do you get your inspiration? We’re inspired by everything from classic films, theatre props and -productions, art, fashion, music and social media. We try to go on inspirational trips to Copenhagen and London as often as we can, and always find ourselves beaming with inspiration when we return. It’s also very motivating to see fellow designers and illustrators deliverer high quality work as it’s challenging and forces you to focus. Very healthy!

What are your favourite item? Our favourite item from this series must be the round cushion. We also love what is a brand new products for us; the baby blanket. With our fascination for paper still going strong, we have to mention the fold-out card too –which is a new concept this season.

Mini-canvas bags with print on both sides. Yes, please!.

Cute wash bags for keeping small secret things in.

The perfect gift set for your little one this Christmas!

For more information and to shop Darling Clementine, klick here!

All pictures by talented Helena Krekling.