Bag it up: Beautiful Handwoven Baskets and Totes from Olli Ella.

Handwoven baskets and totes are Olli Ella’s thing. They make them in all shapes and sizes and for both kids and adults. They are the perfect bags for the beach, the market or just when you are out and about. We especially adore these new bike basket, the Mini Chari and the Mama Chari.

The Mini Chari can be a bike basket, a scooter basket, a treasure bag, a little handbag - your choice! This little woven basket bag is functional, adorable, and perfect for the little multi-taskers and adventurers alike. Oh, and don't forget about the Mama Chari (we want one for the summerhouse)!

I'll take them all, thanks!

Olli Ella’s woven bags are made from natural materials including seagrass, rattan and wicker.

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