IKEA LATTJO Collection: Because Play is Contagious!

Swedish IKEA just released a brand new play collection called LATTJO. It’s a collection that´s all about inspiring the young and old to play together, all the time, everywhere. You will find a wide range of games and toys, costumes and musical instruments for all kinds of outdoor and indoor play, there won’t be a dull moment this winter!.

A large team of designers from different parts of the world joined forces to create this collection. We would say they did a pretty good job.

The products are made of natural materials, with focus on detail and a strong graphic identity.

“Play is a universal language, cross borders, cross generations. Through play we connect with each other and build relations – having fun at the same time. And it’s just as important for adults as for children. Research shows that the joy of doing something without a specific purpose, like playing, releases stress and fuel our creativity and imagination.” Nicolas Cortolezzis, LATTJO product developer

IKEA take play very seriously. So seriously that they just completed the world's largest survey about just that. Almost 30 000 people, more than 16 000 parents, 6000 children and 7000 adolescents from 12 different countries answered questions about Play. A pretty smart idea to base a kids collection on.

The LATTJO collection is out now so make sure you visit your local IKEA. Run, don't walk.