Instagram Love: Rock That Museum Kid

We want to highlight great Instagram accounts and want to start out with @RockThatMuseumKid. This is one account we really love, it’s dedicated to kids and fine art – simple as that. We talked to Mamma and creator, Mille Maria, and now we love it even more!.

Tell us about Rock That Museum Kid. It's all about kids and art. I believe in exposing children to art at an early age and teach them that going to the museum can be fun. I also believe in showing parents with young children that it's not a scary experience to bring babies/toddlers/teens to art museums. My vision is simply to get more parents and families to go visit museums, and to consider the art as a fun weekend activity alongside the Zoo, the beach, the playground. Many parents stay away from museums because of all the "horror stories" about angry museum guards, vandalized artworks (but yes, toddlers must be carefully supervised) or they simply don't see the point.

Tell us about you and your family!. My name is Mille Maria and I'm 32 years old. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I love this city and we're always out and about with the girls. I'm married to Torben who teaches English and History at Christianshavns Gymnasium (a high school in downtown Copenhagen). We been married for almost 6 years and dating for almost 10. Time flies! Together we have Olivia (4 years old) and Isabella (2,5 years old).

How did you come up wit RTMK? I have always loved art and because I grew up 5 minutes from Louisiana Museum of Modern Art north of Copenhagen, I always had the possibility to enjoy great art whenever I felt like it. I have a master's degree in Literature and Art History and I work in the Copenhagen art world. I have taken my girls to museums and galleries with me since they were infants sitting in a baby sling across my belly or in a stroller. I have had some bad experiences of course, but nothing compared to all the good ones. When I started @rockthatmuseumkid, I wanted to give other parents the posibility to experience this too and see all the wonderful things that art can teach our kids about themselves, other people and the world. The project started as an Instagram profile, but soon there will be a blog too and a series of activities for families and parents who wish to try out this art and kids-thing.

What's your favourite museum? My favourite museum has to be Louisiana. Not only because it's in my hometown, but because it has the perfect mixture of art, architecture and nature - AND it's really kid friendly. There's an entire part of the museum dedicated to kids where they can paint, draw, build with Legos or participate in art projects. My kids also love Louisiana, but Olivia has a soft spot for the National Gallery of Denmark, located right here in Copenhagen. She loves to play there, run in the halls, look at the old paintings, jump down the stairs and have a soda in the café.

We can't wait to find out what's next for Rock That Museum Kid!. Follow the Instagram account here and don't forget to snap your little art watcher and tag #RockThatMuseumKid to be featured.