Kids and Sport: Meet Mika, 8 years old, She Loves to Skateboard!

Mika (8 years old) is really into skateboarding…why?. It’s because she loves how it tickles in her tummy when she goes really fast down a hill, and how proud she feels when she just made that trick she has been trying to make for so long.

Mika, how often do you practice skateboarding? – Whenever we go to the skatepark, maybe once a week sometimes more.

What is your favourite trick on the skateboard? – Tic tac (several small kick turns back and forth that will give you speed), and I am also practising on doing an Ollie (when you jump and the board sticks to your feet) and going in the big bowl.

Have you had a lot of bumps and bruises? – Yes, I have! You fall a lot but I always wear safety gear so that helps when you fall.

Do you have a lot of friends doing the same sport as you? – Yes, my friend Charlotte, and my little brother skate too.

What is it about skateboarding that makes you love it so much? – I love the speed and how it tickles in the tummy when you go down a hill fast, and how you feel proud when you learn something new.

Any tips or tricks to other kids who might want to try skateboarding? – Don't give up. It can be scary at first and you have to practice your balance. Place your feet on the screws on the top of the board because that is the best place to stand for good balance. It is also good to have a helmet and elbow pads, knee pads when you start. You might need help when you first start so bring your mum or dad to help you out and give you a push when you need it.

The cool pictures of Mika skateboarding was shot by her mother, Annica Derby, who runs a popular kid's lifestyle blog, Minor Detales.