Make a Splash With Swimming Lessons For Your Little One.

We had a chat with the Norwegian Swimming School about the importance of teaching kids how to swim (like this cool girl in the picture). You can of course give it a go yourself but the best and safest way is to sign up for a swimming course. The older the child gets, the harder it can be for him or her to feel comfortable in the water, so start as early as possible.

The first and most important thing parents can start with is preparing your little swimmer to have water in their face and get their head under the water. Try getting them to open their eyes under water so they can try and orientate themselves a little bit. It’s also very important to teach them how to float. You can even practice these skills in the bathtub to reinforce what they have learned.

According to the Norwegian Swimming School, 50 % of all 10-year olds in Norway can't swim. Let's do something about that!.

The Norwegian Swimming School does not use any swimming aids (water wings or inflatable rings etc.), they want to try to get the kids to feel safe without any aids. This also applies to swimming goggles, it’s important for the kids to get used to getting water in their eyes and swim with eyes open under the water. Once they know how to swim on their own, they can use goggles, inflatable rings or pool noodles for fun.

Kids can learn how to swim or just get used to being in water at at an early age. Why not try baby swimming courses (3–4 months).

Don't forget to sign up for courses early, the spots are usually gone in a second!

Thank you to Jan Kjensli at the Norwegian Swimming School and Norwegian Swimming Council.