Meet Norwegian Style-Icon, and Mother, Hege Golf.

We have talked to Norwegian style-icon, Hege Golf, about motherhood, style and how she makes time in her busy life for love, kids and everything in between.

Hege and Hein's two boys, Arthur and William.

Tell us a little bit about your family! We are a family of four, my boyfriend Hein and I have been together for seven years. Two years ago we had our first child, Arthur, and 16 months later our second, William. We didn't plan to have children, even though we wanted kids eventually. It’s only 16 months between our two boys, so it’s very hectic right now. We are calling them a blessing and hope they will be best friends.

Tell us about your work! I work at Holzweiler Agency, where i hold the position of head of PR and visual merchandising. Holzweiler represents several international fashion brands but they also do their own clothing line and they have a multi brand store at Fornebu. I take part in every branch of the business and I love working in the different areas. I have also worked as a model since I was 14. I still do some work but the younger generation are taking a lead.

How do you balance family and work? Hein and I work in the same business so we understand that in periods it can be a lot of work and late nights. We really enjoy our time with the kids in the morning and have long breakfasts and often take a stroll or play before kindergarten and work. We are also good at taking turns at sleeping-in and not nagging to about who did what and when. Giving each other a break in busy everyday life is so important, it helps to balance things out and to make you appreciate life as a family even more. 

Do you prefer the city or the countryside with kids? The countryside and not because it’s easier with kids, but it's what we prefer as parents to. We are more into the great outdoors than citylife.

What's a typical day like? There are no typical days for me. I'm on maternity leave right now so the main thing is to get the little rascal to sleep. I maybe have to run some errands or have a few press events to go to, but the whole day basically revolves around Willy's mood. One thing I love to do is the Pilates classes at our local gym, that’s pretty much the only me-time I get these days.

What are your favourite foods for the whole family? We are foodies and love to experiment with different recipes. Lately I have been working on my Italian skills, and I must say I now make one hell of a lasagne.

How and where do you shop? Do you have any favourite brands for you and the kids? I do almost all my shopping for my self through work, or the Holzweiler Store. Since my boyfriend also work in fashion we tend to do more interior and grocery shopping. We both really like to cook so shopping for groceries is something that we actually enjoy. Maschmanns is a food market at Skøyen in Oslo. It's very expensive but we tend to go here in the weekends or whenever we are having friends over for dinner. For the kids I recently discovered a shop called Jungelens Leker (in Industrigata 47). They have lot's of fun and different stuff for kids, both cool clothes and deco.

Do you ever have date nights? Yes; actually we just had our first proper date night in a while, last Saturday. It was such a welcome break from the little ones and much needed Mom and Dad time. Even though we’re not able to go out as much as we used to, we try to do date-nights at home as often as we can when the kids have fallen asleep. Making dinner, dessert and having a few glasses of wine while listening to music, it's a must!.

What are your kids interests right now? What do they love to do? Willy is still to small to have an opinion about anything, but he loves hanging out with his brother (let’s hope it stays that way when they get older). Arthur is a very active and sociable little guy. He loves to read books, jump in puddles and generally have a good time. After kindergarden he is always dragging his Father to the nearby trains to see them pass by, that’s something they do almost every day.

Hein, and little Arthur walking home from Kindergarden.

Number one rule in the house? Clean, representative house, you never know who’s going to pop by.

Has having kids changed your style? I hope not…. I’m still the quirky old me, but with more comfortable shoes.

What is your favourite part of the day with the kids? Mornings is our favourite part of the day with the kids. Yes, it's sometimes too early but when you see their happy, excited faces nothing else really matters. Arthur is specially excited to see the "baby" and that's always the first word out of his mouth when he wakes up!.

Number one thing you miss the most pre-kids? It might sound selfish, but at times I really miss to being able to just think about me and only me.

Kids and food. We are so lucky to have a boy who really loves food! Sometimes too much, the other day he ate Stilton cheese. We love to experiment with food and on the weekends breakfast-time is sacred. I love having a big delicious meal to celebrate that we have some days off. It can be a big omelet with freshly baked buns or pancakes. Recently I made pancakes with banana, oats and eggs and buns with cottage cheese, oats, eggs and herbs. So healthy and so easy!.

Do you have any tips or tricks up your sleeve regarding being a parent? Not really, I'm still quite new to this game and I'm learning by doing. Or maybe that is my secret. Just be open to advice, but do what you feel is best. You don't have to do everything people tell you to do.

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All the pictures are taken by the talented Henriette Tronrud from Paperbag.