Try an Icelandic Skyr Cake for Swedish Midsummer.

We all love the traditional strawberry cake on Midsummer’s Eve but If you want to try something a bit different then go for this yummy Icelandic Skyr (an Icelandic cultured dairy product, similar to strained yogurt) Cake. It’s sweet, crunchy, light and just the perfect ending to a Midsummer’s Eve lunch. It’s so easy to make (no baking) and tastes like a dream!

The fun bit is to decorate it with flowers and berries together with the kids. Use traditional Midsummer flowers (wild flowers) to get the right feel. You can also try chocolate shavings and pistachio nuts on top.

You can buy "Skyr" in Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark and at Wholefood stores in the US.

You can make this cake weeks in advance, just put it in the freezer when it's finished.

Remember, when using plain plain Skyr, you do need to add sugar. In this recipe we have cut the sugar down to absolute minimum, if you have a sweet tooth you might want to add a little more. When you use store bought flavoured Skyr do not add any sugar at all.

The Bottom Layer: • 225 g (8 ounces) Digestive Biscuits with Dark Chocolate • 100 g Butter 1. Crush the biscuits and make a single layer in the pie form 2. Melt the butter and pour over the biscuits 3. Mix well together and press down into the pan, it should make a completely even layer

The Skyr Topping: • 500 g skyr • 2 eggs • 1 dl white granulated sugar • 1/2 to 1 vanilla bean • 1/4 l heavy cream • 8 sheets of gelatin • 1/2 dl milk 1. Mix together skyr, eggs, sugar and vanilla 2. Whip the cream and then stir it gently into the skyr mixture 3. Soften the gelatin sheets in water 4. In a pan on low heat, melt the now soft gelatin sheets in the milk 5. Pour the gelatin milk into the skyr-cream-mix 6. Pour the mix over the buttery biscuits 7. Cool or Freeze 8. Serve it cool with fresh berries and shaved chocolate and pistachios on top.

This recipe was created by the talented Katrin Björk over at Modern Wifestyle.