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City Break in Palma de Mallorca With the Whole Family.

Co-founder of Vesle, Trude, and her family of five fell in love with Palma this summer. – This was our last stop before going home and we had the best time. Palma was a beautiful city that we really want to come back to, both as a family and for a long weekend just me and hubby.

Superkilen Park in Copenhagen: For the People by the People.

Superkilen is a kilometre-long park situated in the Nørrebro area just north of Copenhagen’s city centre. Superkilen is home to more than 60 nationalities, and is considered to be one of the most ethnically diverse and socially challenged neighbourhoods in the Danish capital.

Bag it up: Beautiful Handwoven Baskets and Totes from Olli Ella.

Handwoven baskets and totes are Olli Ella’s thing. They make them in all shapes and sizes and for both kids and adults. They are the perfect bags for the beach, the market or just when you are out and about. We especially adore these new bike basket, the Mini Chari and the Mama Chari.

Out and About: Bellevue Beach Park, Just North of Copenhagen.

Summer in Copenhagen just got a whole lot better after discovering beautiful Bellevue Beach. It’s located just north of Copenhagen, only 10-15 minutes by train. The beach is really kid friendly with shalow water and loads of space. You can also have a look at some original Arne Jacobsen architecture, the iconic blue lifeguard towers, the changing… Read more »

Try an Icelandic Skyr Cake for Swedish Midsummer.

We all love the traditional strawberry cake on Midsummer’s Eve but If you want to try something a bit different then go for this yummy Icelandic Skyr (an Icelandic cultured dairy product, similar to strained yogurt) Cake. It’s sweet, crunchy, light and just the perfect ending to a Midsummer’s Eve lunch. It’s so easy to make (no baking) and… Read more »

Make Your Own Swedish Midsummer Garlands.

Our favourite Swedish tradition is without a doubt Midsummer. We celebrate the high-point of summer and do it together with family and friends, lot’s of food and drink throughout the day, dancing around the Maypole and picking wild flowers. It’s tradition to make your own flower garlands and we want to show you how easy it is to… Read more »

Make Our Favourite Summer Drink, Elderflower Cordial.

The smell of homemade elderflower cordial brings back so many good memories. This is something we made with our Moms and now are doing with our kids. Make sure you catch the flowers before they are gone, they are at their best in May/June and July. This recipe is surprisingly simple and fun to make together with the kids.

Tips & Tricks: Learn How to Take Great Family Pictures!

It’s that time of year when many of us reach for our cameras, summer vacations and lot’s of time with the kids. A famous quote says, “Never work with children or animals”, but we have three talented women who wouldn’t have it any other way. We asked our three favourite childrens photographers to give us some insight and… Read more »

Make This: The Swedish Classic Semla Made by Grandma and the Kids.

We invited Grandma over and made delicious Semlor, a Swedish classic. In Sweden we fill the buns with marzipan and whipped cream but in Norway and Denmark they make them with vanilla cream and jam. Traditionally Semlor should usually be enjoyed in February but in Sweden you can get them from January onwards. Homemade is best and of course Grandma… Read more »

Meet Rebecca Zeller and Her Family of Five Who Moved From Oslo to New York.

I find it really interesting and inspiring to read about other families thoughts and experiences on the topic of moving abroad. My family and I did the same thing almost a year ago and I hope writing about this might inspire others who are contemplating taking the leap. This time I asked friend and photographer, Rebecca Zeller, to share… Read more »

The Playful Universe of The Animals Observatory – Spring/Summer 2017.

The Animals Observatory (TAO) presents it’s spring summer collection later this January and it makes us longing for lazy summer days on the beach. The briliant designer, Laia Aguilar, pays tribute to favourite books, inspirational films and painters, all wraped up in a playful and sophisticated universe. TAO launches world wide on January 24th, enjoy!

Parking Garage Turned Sledding Slope: Stadsberget in the North of Sweden.

When the Northern Swedish town of Piteå was in need of a parking garage they got a truly multi-purpose building instead. Not only a sledding slope for families in the winter but a popular meeting point and amphitheater in the summer. The larch clad building also lights up like lantern at night making it a popular local landmark.

Amazing Space for Kids: Råå Daycare Center in Helsingborg.

Danish architect firm, Dorte Mandrup Arkitekt, has designed this amazing daycare in Helsingborg in the South of Sweden. The project started in 2008 (completed in 2013), in close dialogue with the future users. Now the lucky kids of Råå Daycare Center can play, learn and have fun while looking out on fantastic sea views.

Yummy Gluten Free Buckwheat Waffles anyone?

We have a soft spot for warm filling desserts over here at Vesle and we love these buckwheat waffles. They are just as good on a cold Thursday evening as they are on a lazy Sunday morning. Remember to save the leftovers (if there are any) for the kid’s snack-pack for Daycare.

Home Away From Home, the New Way to Travel With Kids.

A lot of things change when you have kids. Late nights are replaced by very early mornings; indulgent hours spent shopping in boutiques become snatched minutes binge-shopping online, and exotic travels, where you stroll on board a plane with nothing more than a passport, half-packed bag and yen for adventure can become something of a… Read more »

Amazing Space for Kids: Children’s Culture House in Copenhagen.

The Children’s Culture House in Copenhagen (Amager) offers not only a really great looking building, it’s like a Danish Villa Villekulla (you know, Pippi’s house) with all sorts of creative stuff happening inside. Sign up for daily workshops and events or just go for a visit and play to your hearts content!

Creepy Crawlies, Are They Bugging You?

Do you run and scream whenever you see creepy crawlies, we know, you can’t help it!. The problem is if you get hysterical then your little one probably will too!. It’s time we face our fear of bugs together and it can actually be quite fun…