Culinary Center for Kids: Viking Tacos at Geitmyra

Geitmyra Culinary Center for Children is a pretty amazing place in Oslo. They want to help our kids to discover the joys of cooking and eating good, wholesome organic food. They do classes for kids and families that want to learn to garden, cook or bake. Vesle was there when Vetle (9 yrs old) and Vilma (8 yrs old) made tacos the Norwegian way.

Touching, smelling and feeling the coriander. Vetle asks if he can plant coriander at home.

Kristine Svenningsen was the teacher this evening. Here she shows the kids how to handle the lamb and the knife in a safe way.

A lot of important questions to answer this evening for Kristine.

All sorts of spices to learn about (and smell)!. This particular taco mix included cumin seeds, paprika powder, dried oregano, black pepper, coriander seeds, chili and salt.

Green taco dressing in the making... Yoghurt, fresh coriander and parsley, lime, garlic, green chili and spring onions.

Time to cut the shoulder of lamb and get it in to the frying pan!. Vilma does the cutting and Vetle does the frying. Dream team!

Vetle want's to help out more in the kitchen in the future. Mission accomplished!.

Making tortillas from scratch. A tortilla's number one job is to keep all the yummy filling wrapped up.

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Taco Spice Mix: • 3 tsp cumin • 2 tsp paprikapowder • 1/2 tsp dried oregano • 1/2 tsp black pepper • 1 tsp coriander seeds • 1/2 tsp chili • 1 tsp salt

This is how you do it: Crush and mix all the ingredients in a morter.

Lamb Taco: • shoulder of lamb • taco spice mix • 3 cloves of garlic • 1/2 dl water • salt

This is how you do it: • Cut the meat in to thin slices. • Finely cut the onion. • Fry the meat on a high heat for a few minutes. • Add the garlic and the taco spice mix to the meat. Pour the water over the meat and let it simmer until the water is gone. • Season with salt.

Green Taco Dressing: • 2 dl natural yoghurt • 1 tbsp fresh coriander • 3 tbsp chopped parsley • 1 clove of garlic • 1/2 spring onion • a pinch of salt • green chili • 1/4 tsp black pepper • 1 tsp coriander • juice of 1/2 lime

This is how you do it: Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and let it marinate for a while.

Tortillas: • 4 dl flour • 1 dl water • 3 tbsp butter • 1ss olive oil • 1 tsp salt

This is how you do it: • Mix all the ingredients and let it rest for about 15 minutes. • Split it into 12–15 parts. • Flatten it as thin as you can with a rolling pin. • Fry in the pan on high temperature.

Check out Geitmyra for exciting food classes for kids and familes. They are available both in the evening and during weekends. Geitmyra also arrange “Open farm” days, where they invite families to come and join them in exciting food related activities, from pressing apples or foraging for delicious wild greens to making sausages or sushi. Thanks for having us, we will be back for sure!